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The Wall Shall Stand



The Wall Shall Stand is a game about propaganda and revolution. It takes place in a dystopian society inspired by the Berlin Wall, the writings of George Orwell, and Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis. The art style imitates constructivist posters, in order to match the themes. Players will attempt to spark and lead a growing body of dissent in this abstract world.

The Enemy Silence



It happens each night. Not the same place, not the same sounds. Really there's only one thing that never changes. The darkness. I cannot run. I cannot escape. There is only one way to go: forwards. Into the unknown. Towards the very thing that hunts me.


The Enemy Silence is a horror game that tests just one of your senses to the very limit: your hearing. Walk through eerie soundscapes and terrifying places to reach sanctuary. But to reach sanctuary you'll have to avoid the horrors that await you.


The thing that lurks in the shadows is listening out for your footsteps. As it wanders it is waiting for you to panic, for you to slip up and take just one step that's far too loud.


Radio Transmitter Hunting Game

This unnamed project focuses on using radio signals as the main mechanic.


The player travels around a mysterious island locating the sources of these radio signals by listening to the strength of a radio signal and relating it to their movements. The radio signal relate messages to help the player solve puzzles and explore the events that have befallen the seemingly deserted locale.

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