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Tranzfuser 2016 prototype (trailer)

Voltaic - developed by Astro Manatee - is a competitive multiplayer top-down shooter with a focus on fast-paced, quick-reaction gameplay.

Fast and fragile hover ships compete in dangerous arenas set in real-world locales, all for the title of International Dash League champion.

Constant movement charges up reflective projectiles - super-charged bundles of energy that force players to keep on their toes.

Joypad's Super Gaming Warehouse Party - November 2016

The main mode of the game is its online multiplayer; with split-screen and single player modes empowering people with a number of ways to play.

Astro Manatee received £25,000 in funding from the UK Games Fund to develop Voltaic, through the inaugural year of the Tranzfuser competition.

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