I have worked with Lemon Ribbon Studio to develop two games for their brand, playable through their website.

I worked as a solo developer at Thud Media on these projects, using animation work provided by Thud's parent company Cloth Cat. The Lemon Ribbon games are built in Unity, with animations powered by Spine.

Bunny's Paintshop

Bunny's Paintshop is a painting tool that allows children to build their own scenes and stories with characters and scenery from the Lemon Ribbon brand.

Children can export their favourite work as a screenshot, ready to be used as a desktop background or to print out.

Cat's Kickabout

Cat's Kickabout is a quick to start and hard to master sports game that sees children aiming to get the highest score they can.

Cat can perform a variety of different moves that chained together can quickly multiply into a new top score!