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BAFTA Games 2016 - 'Ones To Watch' Nominee 

The Wall Shall Stand

Dare 2015 Trailer

Lead the people! Bring down the wall!

The Wall Shall Stand is a game themed around propaganda and revolution. It takes place in a dystopian society inspired by the Berlin Wall; the writings of George Orwell; and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1917). Players will attempt to spark and lead a growing body of dissent in this constructivist-styled world.

Posters recruit civilians to your cause

The Wall Shall Stand was originally developed as a student project for university coursework. Pixel Tailors then saw success in entering the game into Dare To Be Digital, a global student game competition founded in 2003.

Pixel Tailors were selected as one of the three winning teams of Dare 2015, and were nominated for the BAFTA Games 'Ones To Watch' Award 2016.

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