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Transmitter Hunting Game

  • Original concept inspired my Sally Ann McIntyre's guest lecture

  • Focuses on using sound as a game mechanic

  • Developing a reaslitic short-range FM system; not faking it like in e.g. Fallout 3Batman Arkham City

The Enemy Silence

  • A sound-only minimalist horror game

  • Inspired by Vanished by Pixel Heart

  • Sound is both your biggest asset and worst enemy

Dynamic Music for Linear Media

  • Inspired by the success of New York-based composer Kevin MacLeod

  • Aims to empower video producers (the end user) by giving them adaptive, flexible and consistent music for their videos

  • Draws upon my past work in dynamic music for video games to create an attractive niche

  • There have been some difficult teething problems - such as looping sections and creating transitions - that have been overcome with experimentation, and communication with my client Welsknight

  • An aspect of the project aims to build a brand for my work. Exposure from commission work will bring people to my website. I will dedicate a section of my website to royalty-free music for anyone to use

The Wall Shall Stand

  • Began as second year Games Design Project

  • Gained traction throughout 2015; BAFTA Games nominated, shown at EGX

  • Most of my time in 2015 was spent learning to code to implement my sound design, and to make up for the shortfall in programmers

  • I evaluated the quality of the sound compared to other its other aspects, and also considered how little time I was given to dedicate myself to the sound design. I decided to take remove all of the sound from the game and start from scratch.

  • The soundscapes - one of the three aspects to the new sound of the game - were based on research into techniques applied in Planteside 2 and other "busy" online games.

Pank Dussy

  • The Pank Dussy project aims to deconstruct a variety of musical genres through parodying misogynistic pop

  • The academic focus of the project is not on the music or music videos themselves; it's on the wide range of responses that listeners have to the same product

  • This Love is Sick But It's Fand established the parody nature of the wannabe rapper; Spooky Sexy reinforced the misogynistic themes present in Pank's music.

  • From the third song onwards specific genres and songs were being engaged as a strong influence for specific songs

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